Hillary Clinton wasn’t supposed to lose this election—if it could be called one at all. Truth be told, the contest resembled more of a coronation, presided over fawningly by the mainstream media. In the matter of a day, Hillary’s chances flipped from Huffington Post’s 98% to less than 5% via The New York Times, humiliating political pollsters and journalists alike.


Needless to say, the ceremony went awry and furious Liberals have turned their witch hunt towards perhaps the most “bigoted, racist, and sexist” culprit of all… The Electoral College. Alas, once more the citizens of the United States have failed The Left, refusing the progressive path of electing a corrupt, warmongering grandmother who shouldn’t be trusted with a security clearance, let alone the keys to the Republic. Instead, the American people repudiated the last eight years silently at the ballot box.

Liberals have resorted to the offensive, protesting our Constitutional Republic itself in major cities across the country, sounding off with the usual insults of homophobe, xenophobe, racist, and bigot. All the while, they remain oblivious to the fact that when good, normal, everyday Americans are slandered for years as homophobic, xenophobic, racist bigots, they tend not to be receptive of their accusers. This is a compelling explanation of The Left’s crushing defeat.

Harsh lessons, ones The Left doesn’t seem to be grasping quickly.


In one post, far-left, former Clemson Student Senators discussed the outcome of the election, stating “[Trump] cruised to victory because whites wanted to get back at America for electing a black president. YES, this is a race thing.” Considering Trump won Florida, Iowa, Ohio, Wisconsin, Michigan, and Pennsylvania, states that voted for Obama in two elections, this prospect is highly unlikely. In addition, all of the candidates on the ballot were white, making this claim preposterous. The individual [pictured in red] informed white women, “You turned your back on Hillary to support a KKK. Absolutely DUMB. America is a joke and this is only the beginning.”

Fortunately, the only joke here is The Left’s comical insistence that disagreeing with someone’s ideology equates to hating their personal characteristics. When viewed through the lenses of identity politics and Intersectionality, a world of differing opinions transforms into a world of microaggressions and perceived racial animosity.

That world sounds pretty depressing and I truly pity anyone that lives there.  My sincere hope is that, one day, they will join us in the realm of respectful political discourse.


Shortly after my response, this same individual labelled me a member of the KKK for insinuating that labelling Trump supporters members of the KKK isn’t the best strategy. Stating “don’t even waste your time explaining yourself to a member of the KKK himself,” they went on to call me a “truly ignorant [mother****er].”

A second  individual called me “a piece of s**t,” while a third told me “i’m over it with you pretending you care about people,” stating “your political views are structured only to support white people having the freedom to be unhindered a**holes.”

These are people I know personally. I donated to one’s charity to feed the hungry and collaborated on projects with others. In person, they are always reasonable and polite, but somehow the keyboard always brings out the worst. Hopefully this is simply post-election blues and they aren’t delusional enough to believe their own rhetoric.

The Left would have you believe that true compassion means buying into their “utopian” vision. It doesn’t matter how much you donate, volunteer, or serve, if you won’t capitulate to Leftist views, you will be bombarded with a host of “–phobes and –isms.”


Fortunately, this deplorable behavior is driving our successors, Generation Z, from The Left in droves. In “Generation Z Goes to College,” one of the first major studies of this demographic, Corey Seemiller and Meghan Grace predict that “84 percent of Gen Z’ers identify as fiscally moderate or conservative,” while slightly under half classify as socially liberal.

According to market research firm, The Gild, 59% of Generation Z hold opinions on same-sex marriage, transgenderism, and marijuana that are either conservative or moderate. This is a huge indication that Social Justice culture is nearing its peak.

Grace says “I don’t think they’re going to rely on the government to fix problems anymore.”